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Our Cases


Attractions face lots of challenges, for instance, how to manage queues and crowds, how to provide enhanced visitor experiences both online and offline, how to overcome language barriers to serve international visitors, etc. Below are the cases on how Fooyo travel works with our partners to address these challenges.


Sentosa is the top travel destination in Singapore with annual visitors of 19 millions.


Hongyadong is a popular attraction in Chongqing, China, which becomes top 10 most popular attraction across the nation in 2018.


Localjoy is the biggest zoo-themed amusement park in West China.


The smartness of a future city will make a huge impact on the visitor experiences, e.g., dining, hotels, transportation, sightseeing, entertainment, shopping. At the city levels, the challenges are more comprehensive. The most important fact is to arrange the itinerary smoothly to fit the time and budget of the visitor.


Chongqing a large city in West China with a residence number of 30million and annual visitor count of 540 million.


Singapore is a global city state which attracting 17.4 million international tourists in 2017, more than 3 times of its total population.


Hotels are important starting point where visitors begin their journeys in a city. The smart tourism covers not only the in-hotel experiences, but also the around-hotel experiences which extend their connections with the hotel.
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F&B Groups

For F&B companies, there are long term demands on customer engagements, as well as short term demands of event promotions.

KFC & Pizzahut

KFC & Pizzahut are famous F&B groups which covers key locations in a city.