AI Chongqing

An AI-powered city level tourism platform
The AI Chongqing project is a city level product which is aimed to help the city operators improve operational efficiencies by using AI technologies. It covers the tourism assets of the Chongqing city, including 233 “A level” attractions and hospitality and F&B offerings near the attractions.

The first version of AI Chongqing product was launched in August 2018 in the first Smart China Expo by Fooyo and Chongqing Tourism Investment Group at the witness of the deputy director of Chongqing Cultural&Tourism Bureau, Mr. Qing Dingbo, CEO of Singapore IMDA, Mr. Tan Kiat How.

AI Audio Guide
AI Travel Assistant
AI Recommendation

AI Audio Guide

The AI Audio Guide helps visitors understand the stories behind the attractions using AI audio synthesising technologies. It sounds like the nature languages are spoken by human beings. It supports both Chinese and English and will support other languages such as Japanese and Korean.

AI Travel Assistant

The AI Travel Assistant is a mobile chatbot which understand human intentions and gives right answers to the visitors’ questions. It’s a context-aware chatbot which gives best matching services based on the current time and location.

AI Recommend Engine

The AI Recommendation engine gives suggestions based on the visitors’ interests and preferences. The first version is more related to the recommendations to the attractions. More categories will be added in the future such as restaurants and hotels.


The aim for AI Chongqing is to provide a seamless experience for visitors to find the right services at the right time. It is an industrial case of Singapore’s Service 4.0 idea. By adopting emerging technologies to the smart tourism product, the whole experiences become user-centric and seamless.

an Evolutionary Journey
Enabled by TOOLS
Enabled by the INTERNET
Enabled by the MOBILE technologies
Enabled by the EMERGING TECH
It now covers all the attractions in Chongqing. In the future, it should cover all aspects of travel, including transportations, hospitalities and F&Bs.