It is popular with tourists because it has a similar appearance to a building in Spirited Away – a masterpiece of a famous Japanese cartoonist, Hayao Miyazaki.” It’s one of the most famous attraction in Chongqing, China, attracting tens of thousands of visitors every day.

The Problem

During the May golden week, 2018, Hongyadong was super crowded with lots of travelers. The public road and bridge near the attraction are blocked due to the large amount of visitors in Hongyadong.

Smart Itinerary planner

To monitor the visitor traffic in realtime and allocate public resources (e.g., security, cleaning) more efficiently, Chongqing city government asked for feasible solutions from the public. Chongqing tourism investment group(CQTIG) approached Fooyo to solve this urgent issue. Fooyo, together with CQTIG, delivered the visitor crowd management solution for Hongyadong in less than 6 weeks and quickly deployed with various cameras and sensors. The crowdedness and queue information can be viewed in a data platform in realtime.

Hongyadong App

Pedestrian Monitoring

Thermodynamic Diagrams

The Crowd and Queue management system has been deployed since June 2018, and it has been used as one of the most important decision making tools for the police of Chongqing city government.

It has been running for a year, and proven to be working during all the stress tests in the major holidays.