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In the year 2016, Fooyo started working with Sentosa Development Corporation through an innovation challenge initiated by Singapore IMDA. In the year 2017, Fooyo and Accenture worked together on the MySentosa platform and launched the MySentosa app in Jan 2018.

That’s one of the pioneering smart tourism application in the market, including some of Fooyo Travel’s core features such as Smart Itinerary Planner, Smart Navigation System and the Dynamic Suggestion System.

Smart Navigation System

The Smart Navigation System used in Sentosa is a customised navigation system powered by Fooyo Travel’s smart navigation engine. It supports various navigation types such as Cable Car, Bike, Car and some exclude transportations provided in Sentosa.

In Sentosa’s context, it event supports sheltered path where you will not get caught in the rain.
The map layer is customised based on OpenStreetMap, and the map rendering engine we used in this project is Mapbox.

Smart Itinerary planner

The MySentosa Smart Itinerary Planner captured all the Point of Interests in Sentosa and provide personalised recommendations based visitors’ interests, time, and budget. The point of interest data is managed via a SaaS platform where it allows attraction operators to update the information by themselves. The itinerary planner is getting smarter by introducing comprehensive algorithms based on professional generated itineraries and user generated itineraries.

Dynamic Suggestion System

The Dynamic Suggestion System provides suggestions based on the visitor’s current itinerary and the realtime information change. For instance, the weather suddenly changes, it will suggest an indoor activity instead of an outdoor activity. Or the visitor finishes the journey too early, it will suggest more activities to explore. As we know, it was the first commercially available B2B dynamic suggestion for attractions.

AR Navigation

In 2019, MySentosa launched a new feature called AR Navigation which is also one of Fooyo Travel’s core products. The AR Navigation solution is one of the leading B2B AR navigation solutions in the market.

The AR Navigation gives a 3D navigation overlay on top of the phone cameras. It uses native AR core technologies provided by Apple and Android which gives an immersive feeling of Augmented Reality.