We consistently make innovative digital products for the tourism industry

Smart navigation / way-finding solution

We build our own navigation engines on top of industrial leading map databases,
to give provide customised way-finding capabilities for our clients.

Map layer

We use customisable OpenStreetMap as the Basemap, to give fully customisable look and feel that fits the brands of the attractions and cities.

Besides OpenStreetMap, Fooyo’s navigation engine is also compatible with industrial leading Basemaps such as Google Maps.

Navigation engine

Fooyo’s smart navigation engine is based on Fooyo’s in-house navigation engine which can be customised with various transportation types and highly-customised routes.

In Singapore Sentosa’s context, the navigation engine supports considerable walking routes such as sheltered paths, and various transportation types such as cable cars and bicycles.

Fooyo AR navigation

Fooyo also provides interactive AR navigation solutions as a service to our clients. It’s one of the leading AR navigation solutions in the market which utilises native AR core technologies provided by Apple and Android.

Besides these navigation solutions, Fooyo also have industrial use cases on indoor navigations, based on beacon technologies or QR codes.

Smart Itinerary Planner

As a visitor, they may not know the attraction/city very well. The smart itinerary planner gives
suggestions based visitor’s profiles, interests, time, and budget. It increases visiting efficiencies and
enhances visitors travel experiences.

The smart itinerary planner supports both auto generation mode and manual creation mode. The auto generation mode will give suggestions automatically, while the manual creation mode will allow visitors to manually add POIs(point of interests) into their itinerary and automatically optimise the visiting sequences.
For lazy visitors, the smart itinerary planner also creates an itinerary extraction function which allow visitors to borrow itineraries from professional generated itineraries and explore on their own.

Dynamic suggestion system

Fooyo creates the world’s first dynamic suggestion system for visitors to smartly adjust their onsite visiting experiences based on real-time information.

For instance, when it suddenly rains, the dynamic suggestion system will be able to suggest an indoor activity instead of an outdoor activity. Or else when the queue is too long for one POI, it may suggest some alternatives.

AI Travel Assistant

As an international visitor, he/she may not understand the local language well. For simple questions like finding a restroom or currency exchange, the attraction staffs may not be able to assist in the visitor’s native languages.

The AI travel assistant will then be helpful for visitors and also help save cost for attractions/cities.

Fooyo travel has tested out with city-level tourism bureaus on the AI travel assistant. The AI engines can serve a large number of tourists and save costs for the city/attraction operators.

Crowd Analysis System

For attractions, it’s a super painful problem that visitors queue for popular sites in peak hours. It increases security risks as well as operational burdens.

The crowd and queue management system by Fooyo provides a smarter way to “monitor”, “guide”, and “lead” visitors.

The smart solution integrates both hardwares and softwares, to provide a visual dashboard for managers and preferable guidance for visitors.

ARTS: Augmented Reality Tourism System

ARTS is the new generation of tourist engagement system with the benefits of higher capacities of content delivery and more intuitive ways of content display

AR Exploration System

With the help of 3D multimedia contents, the visitors would be able to better understand the surroundings.

AR Navigation System

Easier for the visitors to navigate around
High accuracy based on in-house AR positioning technology

AR Interaction System

Visitors would be able to learn in a more immersive way with various interaction methods available

WeChat/Alipay Mini Program

Built upon the super-app platforms, WeChat/Alipay Mini Program would be the best way to provide services to the Chinese tourists.